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Hot Five: Curiosity gets crunched, Apple plays a memory game, and how to polish your games PR
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Hot Five: Curiosity gets crunched, Apple plays a memory game, and how to polish your game's PR

Welcome to PocketGamer.biz's weekly rundown of the stories clocking up the hits, picking up the click-throughs and generally keeping the advertisers happy by serving up page views.

Or, if you'd prefer, the top five stories currently dominating our readers' attention.

Each week, we'll be counting down the biggest news from the previous seven days, giving just a glimpse of the industry's big issues, from five to one.


22Cans staffers work 36 hour crunch to get Curiosity back on track

Even the most staunch of Peter Molyneux fans would have to admit that the launch of Curiosity – what's inside the cube has generated almost as much negative press as it has positive.

Last week, again, delivered a slice of both. While gamers applauded 22Cans' to get Curiosity's servers working again, Molyneux's revelation that doing so had required a 36 hour non-stop crunch session did not go down well with the indie community.

"Marathons are what's wrong with this industry," remarked one developer. "You should not be proud of this," offered another.

For his part, Molyneux said he wasn't boasting, but that he was merely proud of his team for their dedication to the game. As ever, it's a response that split opinion right down the middle.


Apple clamps down on 'Memory' games in trademark tussle

News of one company claiming ownership of a particular word or phrase and demanding all others remove it from their game names is nothing new.

Nonetheless, a tip off sent to PocketGamer.biz suggesting a German board games developer – later revealed as Ravensburger – was in the process of asking developers to remove the word 'Memory' from game titles through Apple proved to be one of the biggest stories of the week.

Since the original story broke, Ravensburger has contacted us to confirm it won't be offering any official comment.


Tapjoy: Apple still approving 'hundreds' of Tapjoy apps a week

The other big story of the week focused on another supposed clampdown within the App Store.

Based on a declaration by Glu within its post earnings conference call, word on the web suggested that Apple had set about removing games that tap into app incentivisation networks, such as Tapjoy.

Tapjoy's response? The whole thing is nonsense.

Taking to the firm's blog, CEO Mihir Shah stated that Tapjoy works "diligently to ensure compliance with Apple's terms of service" and adding that Apple "approves hundreds of apps that integrate and leverage Tapjoy" each week.


Apple's crackdown on Tapjoy will lose Glu around $7 million a year

True or not – and Apple, predictable, has neither confirmed nor denied the original clampdown claim – a check of Glu's financials paid dividends when it came to predicting the likely impact of any move against games deploying Tapjoy's platform.

According to editor-at-large Jon Jordan, for Glu Mobile alone, the cost could hit $7 million over the course of a year.

"For companies like Glu who are committed to the free-to-play business model, the money they generate from services like Tapjoy is vital," stated Jordan.

"With iOS continuing to be the mobile strongest gaming platform, despite the rise of Android, anything Apple does to disrupt how such services operate will have a significant impact on almost all free-to-play companies."


9 tricks to ensure your mobile game gets the best PR

The art of public relations took an undeserved kicking during the recent games journalism debacle.

It's important to remember that, the majority of those working in PR do their jobs especially well. A small bunch, however, dirty the name of the profession for everyone else.

Thankfully, judging by our hit counter last week, there are still developers aplenty looking to take PR seriously, with Jon Jordan's run through his top 9 tips proving popular throughout the week.

So, take a look yourself, and if you like what you see, share it around. These are the kind of tips that don't come with a time limit.








即使是最坚定的彼得·莫利纽克斯球迷都不得不承认,本次推出的好奇心 - 什么是立方体内部产生几乎同样多的负面新闻,因为它有积极的。


说:“马拉松是这个行业什么是错的,”一名开发人员。 “你不应该为此而感到骄傲,”提供了另一种。





尽管如此,通风报信发送到PocketGamer.biz表明了德国板游戏开发商 - 后来发现RAVENSBURGER的过程中,要求开发人员删除单词“内存”的游戏 - 通过苹果被证明是一个最大的故事的一周。




其他大的故事,另一个应该取缔在App Store上一周的重点。



考虑到该公司的博客作者:Mihir Shah称,CEO,Tapjoy作品“努力,以确保遵守苹果的服务条款”,并补充说,苹果“通过数百个应用程序集成,并充分利用Tapjoy”每星期。



真还是假 - 和苹果的,可预测的,既不证实,也不否认了原来的压制索赔 - Glu公司的财务状况的支票支付的股息,当它来预测部署Tapjoy平台对游戏的任何举动可能带来的影响。

据编辑在乔恩·乔丹,仅Glu Mobile公司,成本可能高达700万元,一年的过程中。











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